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Noelanis' top level offering is sure to please the most demanding tanners. The Turbo 600 has raised the standard in high class tanning equipment.

It combines quality, style, appeal, air-conditioned cooling comfort and total body tanning performance to deliver your deepest darkest tan.

Ergoline Evolution 600

The Turbo 600 boasts a staggering 59 total lamps and a short 12 minute session time. Coupled with it’s 4 high pressure facial lamps and 5 shoulder tanners, the Ergoline 600 Turbo brings unparalleled performance to the table.

An innovative control panel offers fingertip control. Easily adjustable air-conditioning vents insure your total comfort during this ultimate tanning experience. The four high pressure facial lamps are also completely adjustable as are your shoulder lamps.

The 5 lamp shoulder tanner system provides the finishing touches for the ultimate total body tanning experience

Sunrise 480

sunrise 480.png

Essence 48.png

For those in search of a quicker, more intense session,

our Sunrise 480 Stand Up Unit is for you. With a total number of 48 - 200 watt reflector lamps almost a full 7 ft. in length and a maximum session time of only 12 minutes, this unit delivers everything you would expect and more. Even the tallest of our guests can get a complete tan from head to toe.

A commercial strength fan located in the ceiling of the unit exhausts air to assist in providing a cool and comfortable session.

Acrylic panels provide a transparent barrier between you and the lamp surface. Two brushed aluminum columns run the entire length of the unit to provide a convenient support system if you so desire.

Ergoline Passion 40/3

The strength of the Passion 40/3 is apparent by its use of 40- 160W Reflector Turbo and Super Power lamps, 3- 400 watt high-pressure facial tanners and extended tanning surface.

The control panel is conveniently located within your field of vision for easy fingertip control.

Passion 40-3 controls.png

Ergoline Essence 48

The Ergoline Essence 48, a 9 minute standup bed, will be your go-to tanning bed – especially when you are in a hurry. It provides a premium amount of interior space for comfortable freedom of movement while tanning. The full length hand rails make it easy for tanners to stand in the ideal tanning position. It provides in impressive 200 watts of tanning power, with a quiet fan to cool you off.

Sundash 332

Noelanis' entry level tanning unit has 32- 120 watt lamps and a 400 watt facial tanner. It also has a maximum session time of 20 minutes. A User controlled body blower fan makes your session one of the most comfortable you’ve ever experienced. An easily accessed display panel gives you instant control over features such as Start and Stop, fan speed control and the digital display shows your session time. The control panel is conveniently located within your field of vision for easy fingertip control.

ergoline passion 40-3.png
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